The 12 Week Year Certification Program

Become Certified & Authorized to Train & Present The 12 Week Years Most Powerful Concepts

Add To Your Current Services & Fill A MASSIVE Market Need!


This certification program is specifically designed for trainers, coaches, consultants, and business leaders who help others reach their full potential and are looking to improve their own skills, train their teams or clients, and add an additional income stream.

As a member of The 12 Week Year Certification Program, New York Times Best Selling Authors Brian Moran & Michael Lennington will personally show you how to price, train & present the following 12 Week Year services:

Boost Your Bottom Line with OUR Suggested Retail Pricing

      • A Single Full Day Training: $5k - $20k
      • A Single 1/2 Day Training: $3k -$12k
      • 1-on-1 Coaching Package: $2k - $10k
      • Group Coaching Sessions: $398 - $1k per person
      • A Single Keynote Presentation: $1k - $3k
      • Webinars/Online Learning Sessions: $97 - $297 per person
      • Open Enrollment Training Sessions: $397 - $2k per person

Master the Methodology So Well You Can Teach It!

True Leadership Is Helping People Reach Places They Didn't Know They Could Go

Leadership is nothing, if not understanding the need for change, and then possessing the ability to deliver it. 

Your real test as a leader is whether or not those you lead are better off for being led by you. 

Real leaders perform -- they get the job done -- they consistently exceed expectations. 

No results = No Leadership -- it's just that simple. 

Totally Reframe Your Clients Thinking

They'll Never Look At Performance & Execution The Same Way Again

The 12 Week Year methodology has been vetted in the real world over the last 10 years with thousands of associates and managers in monster organizations like JC Penny, Tiffany's, New York Life, Coldwell Banker, Wells Fargo, and many, many more.

The Senior Vice President of Mass Mutual, John Vacarro told us that just 3 months after sharing our approach with their entire field force, The 12 Week Year was already the best investment he’s made all year.

The Vice President of Allstate went even further and said that introducing The 12 Week Year to their organization was the best investment they’ve ever made!

Now, with our 12 Week Year Certification Program, you can bring that same level of leadership to all of your clients.

As a 12 Week Year Certified Trainer…

You Keep 100% of what you earn!

You will be Authorized, Certified, and Equipped to deliver your own performance training presentations & workshops based on proven 12 Week Year content.

With our video-based facilitation resources and ready-to-use course materials, you will be fully prepared to present each proven lesson

Additionally, you will be given authorization to use select 12 Week Year logos and messaging to help you promote 12 Week Year sessions* to your clients.

*Sessions — When you offer 12 Week Year sessions you may not change any of the 12 Week Year branded material. Whatever you charge for your sessions is yours to keep. All costs associated with the delivery of the program are your responsibility.

A Complete Done-For-You System

The 12 Week Year Certification Program Includes:

“5-Day” Live Online Training Event With Brian Moran & Michael Lennington  

During this live training event, the New York Times Best Selling authors will personally teach you their proven system for training and facilitating The 12 Week Year to rave reviews every time.

They’ll also be sharing their wisdom for navigating the training and coaching industry, how they launched their own impressive careers, and how you can achieve success in this exciting industry, training The 12 Week Year.

The training will be presented live. The online format eliminates thousands of dollars of additional hotel and travel expenses and is less disruptive because it doesn't require sequential days away from the office.

Meet Brian Moran & Michael Lennington!

      • Master the 12 Week Year Concepts.
      • Best Practices to coach, train and speak, including delivery of actual presentations.
      • How to teach and train via video-based training.
      • Best use of all material.
      • Experiential, hands-on skills training.
      • Ability to network with your peers and collaborate on ideas and opportunities. 
A Robust Selection of Video-Based Facilitation and Support Materials

Based on Brian's & Michael’s years of professional experience as performance and execution experts, the resources you’re equipped with are the same ones The 12 Week Year Company has used to train some of the largest organizations in the world.

The presentation material you are provided is video based, all the content is brought to life by Brian & Michael and all you really need to do is facilitate an audience. It’s a completely “done for you” system.

Video-Based Facilitation Materials

    • Based on Brian's & Michael's years of professional experience.
    • The same resources Brian & Michael have used to train some of the largest organizations in the world.
    • Easy to use & manage video-based facilitation materials.
    • Sit back and let Brian & Michael bring the concepts to life for your audience.
    • Experiential, hands-on skills training.
    • It's a complete "done-for-you" system.
World-Class Training and Support

With periodic Certified Trainer calls and email support, Brian & Michael are available to answer your questions and support your every step.

This way, whenever you hit a new unfamiliar challenge, you know that you can connect with them to make sure you stay on track and sustain your progress.

These periodic sessions make certain that we are all keeping in touch as a community and learning together at the moment we need help.

Access To New York Times Best Selling Authors Brian Moran & Michael Lennington

      • Unlimited email support from 12 Week Year Staff.
      • Exclusive access to The 12 Week Year Certification Forum.
      • Networking with our community of Certified Trainers.
      • Full access to supplemental training materials.
      • Guided learning path and support material inside the 12 Week Year Certification membership portal. 

New York Times Best Selling Authors Recommending You Personally

Endorsement Video Recommending You!

      • Brian & Michael confirm your certification and recommend you personally as a Certified Trainer.
      • Filmed & edited in a professional recording studio.
      • Can be embedded directly on your webpage.
      • Communicates your qualifications and association with The 12 Week Year brand to the marketplace.
      • Firmly establishes your authority & credibility as a highly skilled performance trainer.
      • Distinguishes you from other competitors in your competitive  marketplace.

Enjoy The Power of Association With World Renowned Performance Experts

Brian Moran & Michael Lennington

    • Vetted training content that actually moves the needle for you and your clients.
    • Proven lessons & best practices based on years of real world know how.
    • Easy to learn and manage video based facilitation materials.
    • World Class Training & Support.
    • Lead by New York Times Best Selling authors, Brian Moran & Michael Lennington.
Our Investment In You Is Significant

The 5 day program is highly instructional. 

The reason for this is because we want to ensure every Certified Trainer is thoroughly prepared and capable to present The 12 Week Year methodology in a manner that accurately represents the brand.

The number one asset of The 12 Week Year is our reputation, and we must take every measure to protect it and to protect the reputations of others who are Authorized and Certified in the 12 Week Year Certification Program.

All 12 Week Year Certified Trainers Will  Be Equipped To Present The Core Methodologies and Content For Each of The Following lessons:

  • Introduction to The 12 Week Year.
  • The Power of Vision.
  • Supercharging Your 12 Week Plan.
  • Process Control & Measurement.
  • Scorekeeping.
  • Time Use.
  • The Magic of the Weekly Routine.
  • Accountability. 
  • Commitment. 
  • Greatness in the Moment.
  • 12 Week Year Review & Planning Process

By becoming an Authorized and Certified 12 Week Year Trainer you are agreeing to live up to The 12 Week Year standards in your personal and business life. 

If, for some reason, you knowingly or unknowingly violate these standards, your Authorized and Certified standing may be rescinded.

As you can see, while we would love to allow everyone to participate in this program, our standards are equally high on both the ethics side and the skills side.

Getting Started

Your investment in the Authorized and Certified 12 Week Year Program is $5,000.

In order to maintain your authorized and certified status, attendance of a refresher program is required each year.

The cost each year is $2,500*. This covers the cost of developing course materials, support & staff. Additionally, this allows us to update you on our latest discoveries and ensure the quality of The 12 Week Year brand.

Ok, what's next?

Step 1: Click the button below to enroll now and secure your seat in the program.

Step 2: After enrollment you will be prompted to schedule your orientation call.

Step 3: Complete the 12 Week Year Certification Training Program (your authorization certificate will be presented upon your successful completion of the certification program).

Mathew E. WinterPresident, Allstate Auto, Home & Agencies

"This is a system that actually works!"