The 12 Week Year Certification
Ramp-Up Training Sessions

The Fast Track Approach to Mastering & Applying The
12 Week Year Methodology


Master The 12 Week Year Concepts So Well
You Could Teach Them!

The 12 Week Year Certification Program kicks off with our Ramp-Up training sessions.

This group coaching process consists of 7 one-hour sessions that are facilitated by 12 Week Year Co-Founder and New York Times Best Selling Author, Michael Lennington.

The first 6 sessions are call-in group discussions, and the seventh session is a one-on-one call with a 12 Week Year Certified Coach.

The one-on-one coaching session will focus on developing a 12 Week Plan and Tactics for the participant at the end of the engagement.

Participants are expected to individually work through specified course materials between the group sessions. The self-directed individual work combined with the group sessions are designed to provide a deep functional understanding of the principle and disciplines of high performance.

At the end of the 7 sessions, participants will develop a personalized 12 Week Plan, and be fully trained in the principles and disciplines of The 12 Week Year. The benefits are faster results, greater impact, and sustained application.

The Ramp-Up Training Sessions

The seven 1-hour coaching sessions are:

1. Orientation to the foundation principles of The 12 Week Year - 12 Week Year executions cycle, the 12 Week Year execution disciplines (Vision, Planning, Process Control, Score Keeping, Time Use), The 12 Week Year Principles (Accountability, Commitment, Greatness In The Moment), and the emotional cycle of change.

2. Vision - Crafting and leveraging your personal and professional vision to provide the will to take action even when you "don't feel like it."

3. Planning - Benefits of planning, what makes a 12 Week Plan different, setting effective goals, writing tactics that can be executed in the week they are due.

4. The Weekly Execution Routine - Weekly Plans, Score Keeping, Weekly Accountability Meetings.

5. Time Use - Intentional Imbalance, Time Blocks, Model Work Week.

6. The Success Principles - Accountability, Commitment, and Greatness In The Moment.

7. Final Assessments & Installation - One-on-One hour-long review session with the coach for final review and development of your next 12 Week goal and plan.

Who Will Benefit from This Group Coaching Approach?

  • Those who are encountering the 12 Week Execution System for the first time, and want to be fully prepared to leverage the 12 Week Year quickly and with the greatest impact.
  • Those who have some exposure to the 12 Week Year but have never applied the concept.
  • Those who have struggled to apply the 12 Week Year, or who have applied pieces but not the whole system.
  • Those who have fallen off the system but want to re-engage.
  • Anyone who wants a refresher or wants to get additional grounding in the concepts.

NOTE: This program is designed to establish the foundations of the 12 Week Year for participants. The first 12 Week Plan is created at the end of the process.

Materials, Deliverables & Benefits:

Materials include a copy of the 12 Week Year book, a copy of the 12 Week Year Study Guide, paper forms for your 12 Week Plan with 12 Weekly plan templates, access to videos that re-enforce 12 Week Year concepts, and Session study questions to guide your work.

Deliverables include your permanent "playbook" of completed course assignments, and your completed 12 Week Plan and Tactics developed by you, and then refined with feedback from your coach in the 7th (one-on-one) session.

Time Commitment:

Your attendance at each group session is required as is your participation on the calls, and you will be expected to complete exercises and assignments between sessions (typically between 1-2 hours between each session).

Next Steps:

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